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She is responsible for hiring and training all clinical staff in Fort Myers and Tampa as well as creating and implementing the program schedules and aiding in ensuring that patients receive the best treatment possible. Dr. Henry is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Florida; she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She has her master’s and doctorate degrees in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has worked extensively with children, adolescents, and those struggling with addiction.

This is why enrolling in an aftercare program and relapse prevention therapy program is essential. Additionally, each person may experience slightly different withdrawal symptoms. Some people find that as they move through the process, they can cope with their cravings pretty well.

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Your friends and family members will also leave with hope and positive emotions. Everyone on staff was so loving and caring for our needs. I learned how to get clean and stay clean through this place. This place provided the gateway to hearing a message that saved my life that i continue to apply on a daily basis, going on 3 years now .. Was the best decision of my life was to go to White Sands. The moment I was placed in touch with the counclers thier they walked me threw every step, even when I wanted to back out of getting on the plane.

rehabilitation near me

Each room contains a full bed and flat-screen television. We know that privacy is important to clients, so we believe that a private room is important. If clients need support, our staff is just outside to provide any help that’s needed. The Residential Program generally lasts days with average length of stay being 15 days. During this time, patients will receive 4-5 individual or family sessions per week with their primary therapist and will have daily check-ins with their Life Skills Guide as well.

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These programs are confidential and effective but require discipline and determination as they are typically self-administered. If you feel that any of our content is inaccurate, out-of-date, or otherwise questionable, please contact at It’s important to note that Masshealth is only accepted at state-funded sober house facilities within Massachusetts. Private facilities, as well as out-of-state facilities, rarely accept MassHealth. Scroll through the different clickable sections on the left-hand side   
to learn more about our offerings. The Florida Aquarium celebrates more than 7,000 animal and plant species.

  • We believe that a customized treatment program involving cognitive behavioral therapy is a vital next step towards recovery, and we offer both individual and group therapy.
  • We want clients to feel as comfortable as possible while they are completing this essential step in their recovery process.
  • Dr. Henry, Mr. Jonas, and Mr. Ducey carefully selected a specialized management team and began analyzing what innovations could be developed to raise the bar within their treatment facility.
  • Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.
  • For more information on selecting a facility, view our list of the five best inpatient rehab centers that accept MassHealth.

We do not believe in moving patients like cattle from one group to another where everyone is following the same treatment program regardless of background or circumstances. From the conception of WhiteSands to present, we have been on a mission to develop the most comprehensive and individualized treatment program. Our patients make us who we are, and motivate us to provide the highest quality of care in every clinic, every day. provides facility information using publicly available data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and cannot independently verify the data.

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Specific programs provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community in recovery. In Massachusetts, people can find many rehab centers that provide evidence-based and holistic treatments for drug and alcohol addiction. While many patients are understandably wary of undertaking the intimidating commitment of entering an inpatient rehabilitation program, we believe it is the smartest and most successful way to recover from addiction. What you experience and learn during a short stay in our drug treatment center could prevent you from ever having to return to rehabilitation. During drug detox, we provide treatments like medications that can reduce the intensity of many withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, headache, insomnia, fever, and more for Tampa Florida residents.

rehabilitation near me

While this may meet the needs for some in treatment, we have found that most patients are looking for more options to choose from in meeting their personalized needs. We believe when programs are not more individualized, there may be a higher probability patients will become disengaged from the treatment experience, leading to poorer outcomes in achieving and maintaining sobriety. By focusing on individualizing the treatment experience, we are finding that patients are able to better understand and address the issues underlying their addictions. At WhiteSands, we strongly oppose the one-size-fits-all approach and have designed our programs to meet everyone’s individual needs.

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